Thursday, 11 April 2019

My Favorite Holiday Candy

Holiday is the second biggest holiday of the year when it comes to candy, taking second only to the king of them all: Halloween.

Still, that says a lot about the candy industry and how much it prospers around this time of year. I can’t get enough of the unique, brightly colored candies that always seem to be shaped in the form of an egg, some type of bird, or a rabbit. Perhaps it’s because I’m a big fan of the outdoors and precious wildlife. Perhaps I’m just big on the spring season alone.

I always get asked what my favorite candy is for whatever reason despite not having a big sweet tooth, but when it comes to Holiday, I don’t have much trouble pinpointing my top sweets packaged in candy boxes. Read on to see my favorites.

The Holiday classic. For some reason, people seem to love or hate Peeps. I’m on the loving side since I really do enjoy the consistency of marshmallow and the sweetness of the colored sugar on every Peep. Just as well, the designs, colors, and sometimes different flavors that Peeps come in make it exciting to see what they’re gonna do next.

Robin eggs

As far as chocolate candies go, getting a few candy boxes of the robin colored “eggs” is one of my favorite things. I like to think of them as chocolate malt balls whether or not they actually are. The design of the eggs is particularly appealing to me as well considering how spot on they are with the color.

Sour candies

Every year I look forward to the different types of sour candies out on the Holiday market as they get my taste buds going quicker than any other candy. I’m not huge on the extremely sour things like Warheads, but something with a bit of bite to them is always fun.

Cadbury eggs

More candy means more eggs. These are particularly well-known because of the creaminess within. There’s not much else out there in terms of candy that screams Holiday quite like Cadbury eggs.

Chocolate bunnies
Now, I can’t say pure chocolate shaped into a mold is my favorite, because I really don’t ever crave pure milk chocolate. But this makes the list simply because it’s a staple of Holiday candies you can expect to see year in and year out. I especially enjoy it when they color the tips of the ears, the eyes, or even the little bowtie that always happens to be present on the rabbit.